Galleria fotografica - Galle(r)y

Mercantia 2017 - Busker Festival in Certaldo (Florence)

Pictures by Martin Wurzburger (Lux Homini).

Photoshootin' by Lux Homini in Certaldo (Florence)

All these pictures by Martin Wurzburger (Lux Homini)

Primo Raduno della Filibusta italiana, 19/08/2017

First Italian Freebootarrrs Meetin', August 19th 2017

Pictures by Costanza Perrotta

RPC Germany 2017 - Role Play Convention in Cologne

Brigada Pirata thanks a lot Martin Wurzburger an' Philipp Krei fer these pictures! They arrrrr great professional photographarrrrrrs!

Pirates 2016 - Festival held in Julich (Germany)

Fer this pictures we want ta thank: Dieter Voss, Jurgen Merkens, Ingo Rubenzer, an' Philipp Krei

Festa del Commodoro Ark (2014) - Commodore Ark party

Riprese del Fan Movie: The Compass of the Seven Seas (2015)

Festival della Marineria

Recco e Camogli - Giugno 2015

Sea Festival at Recco an' Camogli (Genova) - june 2015

Festa Pirata a Gallareto (AT)           27 giugno 2015

Pirate Party in Gallareto (Asti) - june 27th 2015

Festa Pirata al Bar Medici (AT)

11 luglio 2015

Pirate Party at Medici Bar (Asti) - july 11th 2015

Festa Pirata al Ristorante Gallareto (AT), il 24 ottobre 2015

Pirates' Party at Gallareto Restaurant (AT), on octobarrrr 24th 2015

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